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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Menu

27 June 2007

Citrus Makeover Pork
lemon-rosemary-garlic marinade, baba ganoush

Greekish Rotini
roasted local tomatoes & zucchini, feta glaze

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Show an Old Dog New Tricks Menu

26 June 2007

Copycat Courgettes
courgette & avocado pappardelle, balsamic vinaigrette

Thanksgiving-in-June Stew
slow-cooked turkey & butternut squash, steamed basmati rice

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Menu for American Carnivores in London

25 June 2007

Haphazard Slow-Cooked Pork Ribs
nothing-to-write-home-about sauce, zingy quick cucumber pickles

Tangy Cole Slaw
local carrots, green pointed cabbage, red onion

Herbed Potatoes
Colleen and Maris Bard new potatoes, fresh garden herbs

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Grillin’ in the Rain Menu

24 June 2007

Mexiranean Mezze
Robin’s guacamole, imitation hummus, no-guilt aioli

Grill-Blackened Chicken
lemon-garlic-rosemary crust

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Menu for the first getting-shorter day of the year

22 June 2007

Vegetarian Rebellion Salad
green leaf lettuce, oven roasted baby plum & cherry tomatoes, healthy caeser dressing

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