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Pan-Asian Outdoor Eating Menu

1 July 2008

Teriyaki Salmon
ethically farmed salmon, sweet gingery glaze, thai sticky rice

Vietnamese Slaw
green pointed cabbage, organic carrots, english cucumber

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It’s Only a State of Mind Menu

29 November 2007

CamarĂ£o com Queijona na Moranga
shrimp with cheese sauce in a pumpkin

Party Salad
bibb lettuce, apple, blue cheese, glazed walnuts

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Cozy Saturday at Home Menu

5 November 2007

Minimum Guilt Seafood Chowder
msc-certified pacific cod & wild alaskan salmon, shrimp, onion broth

Vietnamesque Cabbage Salad
savoy cabbage, carrots, creamy spicy dressing

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A Menu For My Salad Days

6 July 2007

Cleopatra’s Duck
hoisin glaze, fried rice

Greens in Judgement
garlicky stir-fried romaine

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Another Rainy Day for Grilling Menu

4 July 2007

Chicken Barbie
mole marinade, tropical salsa

Why I Don’t Like Salad
bitter lettuce, watery cucumbers, unsuccessful dressing

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Chinese Banquet Menu

2 July 2007

Sushi Restaurant Salad
low-calorie ginger dressing

No-Fail Potstickers
tangy garlic dipping sauce

Veggie Straw
julienned runner beans, zucchini, carrots & scallions

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Show an Old Dog New Tricks Menu

26 June 2007

Copycat Courgettes
courgette & avocado pappardelle, balsamic vinaigrette

Thanksgiving-in-June Stew
slow-cooked turkey & butternut squash, steamed basmati rice

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